How to become a multi-millionaire

How to Become a Multi-millionaire

Stick to your shares through volatile and uncertain Times

There is uncertainty in the market .

Mutual fund investment exempted from income tax. Gain are tax-free.

Save save and save 

A Multi-millionaire is also a multi Saver.

Save your money ,save in insurence policy

The magical Padta system of marvaris 

It is the pre- estimation of likely profit loss file from new business venture

Quit India 

Make investment in foreign countries.

Update your daily agenda  

Buy two ,sell one,keep one 

Investment in immovable property such as land is always profitable option

Profit from property through the new UTI – “United to invest” 

By groups agreement about investing in real estate .

It could be corporate unit .

A group enjoys substantial negotiating power of higher discounts.


Don’t Treat your Body like a Junkyard

Mahatma Gandhi used to maintain Maun (silence) every Monday.Among his close circle , Monday was therefore known as Maun Diwas!

Even if a VIP or Foreign dignitary come to meet him on any Monday ,Gandhiji would express himself only in writing.

Your business growth depends on your cashflow  

Keep your business funds away from the stock market

How to become a Multi-millionaire
To become Multi-millionaire make your income diversified


Never put all your Eggs in one basket  

Pay all your taxes 

To avoid serious consequences ,pay income tax, sales tax or exicse duty.

There are many provisions whereby you can save taxes legally ,but if you try doing so illegally you may face certain mishappening .


Assese your Assets

Invest in the lean time periods and you can reap big profits in the future.

How to become Multi-millionaire,by investment in stocks
How to become Multi-millionaire by update your daily agenda

your daily work schedule is the first step to wealth.Go through your daily can wait for your pitch ..The stock market is a no called strike game.Make time management and cash flow management


Do something New in Reality 

The future belongs to those who know how to turn difficulties into opportunities.

First make your mind to be a Multi-millionaire.

Never loose your fighting spirit.

Spend just Two percent in Charity and see miracles Happen

There are most deprived people in the society . There are so many people who remain hungry most of the time.

By helping them you bestowed with many more rewards. The Miracleseous result starts showing right away.

It gives you immense satisfaction and this makes you happiier and more enthusiastic to work harder and earn more.

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