Dropshipping market

Drop shipping and India’s business outlook 

With minimal risk and virtually no operating costs,here is how drop shipping gas come to be an avenue if income for first time enterpreneurs 

More Indians are quitting the jobs to launch their business – virtually and physically.

Dropshipping is turning out to be an excellent self employment business idea to explore

There is no investment involved ,do not have to buy the products in bulk to sell them.


The drop shipping market 

Dropshipping business is e-businesses distributed products online
Drop shipping business have not much investment

The seller takes bookings for the products directly from the customers and informs the manufacturers.

The manufacturers, interm  deliver the products directly to the consumers and not to the seller .

This means that the seller does not require any physical Store or warehouse to store the products.

Dropshipping raises the sales ante 

Through dropshipping online retailers are offering a level playing field for all their partners as well as E commerce enterpreneurs.


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